Some improvement that UofT’s BlackBoard Portal should make

As a Computer Science student, most of my course has their own course websites. That means I barely use BlackBoard portal to check out my course assignments and course notes. This semester, I’m taking a few courses which using BlackBoard portal to post the announcements and homework. Under this situation, I used BlackBoard more frequently, at the same time, I notice some points of the dashboard of BlackBoard that the developers can make improvements.


The picture above is my BlackBoard portal’s main page. We can see that there are several modules on this page. I would say that every time I log into this page, the next step I would do is to click on the link of the specific course page I want in the “My Course” module. (Right top on the picture) In other words, I would barely use other modules in most of the time. At this point, if the website designers could move other modules away from the main page, or just place them under the navigation bar or the tools module, then the page will be more organized than the current version. It could have more space for the other modules that will be frequently used, such as “My Course”, as well as have more emphasis on the main features.

Besides that, I also notice that a course that I took in my last semester, “CSC324”, is still on my BlackBoard main page, even though I’ve already finished the course. I assuming that this is because the coordinator of the course forgets to delete the course page. And for some reasons, the developers do not want the students to accidently delete the course from their main page. But I still hoping that there would be a hiding button for the user to hide the course. That would be more convenient for the user to look up the course page that they want to visit, especially when they have a lot of courses in the same semester, and most of these courses will be relying on BlackBoard.

Furthermore, I notice that there’s a message on the top of the main page, which warning users don’t download the OneClass Google Chrome extension. The message’s saying that this extension might be causing the leak out of the BlackBoard user’s username and password. I think this kind of message is pretty important for the users and thus should be highlighted using different color and a larger font size, in order to catch people’s attention.



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